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Facial Cupping Course


The most powerful holistic facelift tool for your at-home beauty routine

Lift • Plump • Reduce Deep Lines & Wrinkles

Full-Face Cupping Instruction Video

Follow-Along Flow Video

Facial Cupping for Nasolabial Folds

Facial Cupping for Forehead Lines

Facial Cupping for Plump Lips

Facial Cupping for Jaw Tension

Facial Cupping for Sinusitis

Lifetime Access

Facial Massage Course


Your hands are your most effective tool to de-puff, lift, and sculpt your face in 20 minutes or less

De-Puff • Lift • Sculpt • Release Facial Tension

Daily Massage Instructional Video

Follow-Along Flow Video

Morning Massage Flow Video

Lifetime Access

Facial Dry
Brushing Course


Boost your glow, and gently stimulate lymphatic drainage with this luxurious daily practice

Exfoliate • De-Puff • Deeply Relax

Dry Brushing Instruction Video

Follow-Along Flow Video

Lifetime Access

Neck and Jawline
Foundations Course


The perfect neck stretching routine to prepare for any holistic facelift modality!

Lift • Sculpt • Reduce & Prevent Sagging

Neck Stretching Instruction Video

Guided Follow-Along Flow Video

Silent Follow-Along Flow Video

Lifetime Access

The Holistic Facelift Video Program


A step-by-step guide to using cupping, dry brushing, neck stretching, and facial massage for a natural facelift in 8 weeks!

Lift • Sculpt • De-Puff • Smooth Deep Expression Lines • Boost Collagen Production & Elasticity • Release Facial Tension • Increase Lymphatic Drainage for Overall Health & Radiance

Facial Cupping Course

Facial Dry Brushing Course

Neck Stretching Course

Facial Massage Course

Follow-Along Flow Videos

A Printable Recommended Schedule

BONUS: Body Cupping for Cellulite Course

Lifetime Access

Learn all of these holistic modalities as you are guided to easily incorporate them into your life in just 10-20 minutes a day!

This full video program is included in The Holistic Facelift Starter Kit. 

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