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Facial Cupping and Dry Brushing Video Program



This online video program will guide you through dry brushing and cupping tutorials, teaching you what to do and what not to. You'll get a recommended schedule that you can print out to make it super easy to work your new holistic face care routine into your busy life.


Learn everything you need to create your perfect facial cupping, dry brushing, facial massage, and neck stretching routine to help you:


- Smooth deep expression lines

- Increase collagen production and elasticity

- De-puff your face

- Boost overall complexion and glow

- Increase lymphatic stimulation for overall health and radiance

- Release facial tension

- Improve conditions such as sinusitis and mild jaw tension


You’ll also get a body cupping tutorial to help you:


- Lessen the appearance of cellulite

- Firm skin and decrease sagging

- Reduce swelling

- Stimulate your whole lymphatic system to help you see better results in your face routine


This is more than a beauty routine. This is a transformative self-care experience that invites you into a deeper sense of relaxation, empowering you to reconnect with your body, and emanate radiance from the inside out.

You can easily work through the program at your own pace, and you'll have access for life.


The program is currently in pre-enrollment, and will open by the end of November. Secure your spot now to learn skills to last a lifetime! 

  • Cupping and Dry Brushing Video Program

    • Facial Cupping video tutorials
    • Facial Dry Brushing video tutorial
    • Neck Stretching video tutorial
    • Facial Massage video tutorial
    • Body Cupping video tutorial
    • A printable recommended schedule
    • Lifetime access

Want to get this program with the whole kit including facial cups, dry brush, rosehip oil, body cups, and a cute linen bag to store it all in? 

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