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  Personal Coaching


Intro to Face yoga 

60 mins 



  • This session is best suited for someone that has one specific area of concern.

  •  One-on-One coaching session at FYR private studio space, or online via video call in the comfort of your own home  

  •  ​ Choose one specific area of concern ex) forehead wrinkles, double chin, crows feet etc

  •  Receive poses with detailed video instructions for you to continue practicing

  •  Exercises take 10-15 mins daily 

  • Before and after photos are taken to help measure results​​​​

$129 Online                    $229 Private Studio

        4 one- on- one sessions 

Renew You


  • This program is ideal for someone who has more than one area of they would like to improve.

  •  Meet weekly at the FYR private studio space, or online via video call in the comfort of    your own home

  •  Each week specific poses are taught, customized for each chosen area of concern: Forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth area/ lips, neck & jawline

  • Detailed video instructions included to continue practicing between meets

  • Exercises take 10-15 mins daily

  • Before and after photos are taken to help measure results                                        

$499 Online                      $799 Private Studio

    Workshops & Group


Night Inn

2 hours

Max 5


7 & up  $49/ person

  • Meet in the comfort of your own or a friend’s home

  • Learn the fundamentals of Face Yoga​ and the science behind it

  •  Special poses given focussing on the areas of the face you and your guests want to work on

  •  DIY Facial- Learn how to make an all natural facial, with all edible ingredients that leave your skin glowing 

  • Perfect for birthdays and bachelorette parties 



60 Minutes

  •  Learn poses to counteract tension in the face  and neck caused by poor posture and elongated focus on computer or phone screens

  •  Learn poses you can do at your desk while working 

  • Focus exercises geared to reduce tired eyes, headaches  and migraines

  •  Breathing and tapping exercises to counteract stress and and encourage calmness of the mind

  • Detailed written instructions of poses so you and your co-workers or staff can continue practicing 


If you love the idea of taking five years off your face without chemicals or invasive procedures, let's get started!

Booking is easy. Call or email, and we'll figure out the best option for you.

Prices are subject to change without notice for the purpose of maintaining quality of service.