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Rewind the hands of time with Facial Exercise
Private coaching

~Private Coaching~

Jumpstart into Face Yoga

60 minutes



  • This session is best suited for you if you're brand new to Face Yoga or you'd like to refine your routine


  • Choose one area of concern to begin working on ex) forehead folds, sagging cheeks, jowls or jawline 

  • Receive a recording of the routine with detailed instructions for you to continue practicing


  • Coaching online via Zoom



             4 x 60 minutes one-on-one 

Renew You


  • This program is ideal if you have several areas of  your face you would like to work on

  •  In each session, techniques are taught for each area of concern. Every session builds onto the last creating a customized Face Yoga routine

  •  Choose to meet weekly or bi-weekly online via Zoom 

  • A recorded replay of each session is provided so nothing is forgotten. This downloadable video of your customized routine is yours for life!



Group Services

~Group Services~

Private Group Workshop
90 minutes


  • Learn the fundamentals of Face Yoga​ and the science behind it

  •  Practise exercises focussing on the areas of the face you and your guests want to work on

  •  DIY Facial ( optional) - Learn how to make an all natural facial, with all edible ingredients that leave your skin glowing 

  • Perfect for get-togethers including birthdays and bachelorette parties!


Max 5 




In Person

Max 5






In Person


Corporate Workshop

60 Minutes

  • Learn poses to counteract tension in the face and neck caused by poor posture and long hours on computer  screens

  • Learn poses you can do at your desk while working

  • Focus exercises geared to reduce tired eyes, headaches  and migraines

  • Breathing and tapping exercises to counteract stress and encourage calmness of the mind

  • Detailed written instructions of poses so you and your co-workers or staff can continue practicing


Starting at

If you love the idea of taking years off your face without chemicals or invasive procedures, let's get started!

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Booking is easy. Call or email, and we'll figure out the best option for you.

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Prices do not include HST and are subject to change without notice for the purpose of maintaining quality of service. No refunds, exchange only policy.
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