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Facelift Series (4 part program)

Are you ready for your Natural Facelift!?

Facelift Series (4 part program)

Time & Location

May 31, 7:00 p.m. EDT – Aug 31, 7:00 p.m. EDT

Via Zoom

About the Event

This event is a 4 part series. You have the option to select any individual workshop, however, this series covers each part of the face and gives you a 20% savings.

May 31 / 7 PM EST

Tension Release: Relax and release tension through your head, neck, and facial muscles.

We don’t know we have facial tension until we can see it, or pain becomes so evident, we feel it.

We SEE tension imprinted on our face in various ways: 11 lines (the lines between the eyebrows from furrowing), horizontal forehead creases, nasolabial folds (smile lines), as well as the corners of the lips turning down into a frown.

We FEEL tension when we have headaches, chronic migraines, tired or sore eyes ,TMJ pain, and or clenching/clicking in any part of the jaw area.

In order to diminish lines and restore symmetry to the face, we need to release the tension stored in our facial muscles.

If you’re suffering from headaches, migraines, TMJ, or a tense jaw, OR you’re noticing wrinkles have developed or deepened, don't  miss this workshop!

June 29/ 7 PM EST

Get Your GLOW: Similar to a makeup kit that you carry when you go for a quick touch up - this makeup free kit gives you an instant GLOW.

Have you ever noticed post workout your face is glowing?

When we move our bodies we stimulate blood circulation to all our muscles and organs, including the largest organ, our skin.

After a long day being stagnant and stuck to the screen, our complexion often looks grey and dull.

This workshop focuses on stimulating blood circulation directly to your facial muscles. Here we combine facial massage and facial exercises. After a few exercises, you'll notice your skin can go from dull and grey to radiant and glowing!

July 27/ 7 PM EST

Neck & Jawline

In this workshop we focus exclusively on the lower face and neck.

The exercises taught diminish your double chin and jowls, while helping you correct poor posture. This will also reduce and prevent  a sagging neck and dowagers hump (the hump at the back the neck).

We're diving deep in this workshop. Be prepared, this is a proper facial workout!

August 31/ 7 PM EST

Lift & Sculpt: Are you noticing your face is looking droopy and lacking sculpture?

We see this as our cheeks drop and lose definition, and the double chin, jowls and “ turkey neck” develop.

In this workshop we focus on resistance exercises to tone the facial muscles, resulting in redefining your face and giving you the ultimate Natural Face Lift!

All workshops include:

* 7 Days of unlimited access to workshop replay for you to continue practising at your own convenience

* Written descriptions of the core exercises taught in the workshop

* Live Q & A for any questions you might have





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